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Interested in Joining Troop 123

We extend a warm welcome to your family as you and your son evaluate becoming a new member of the Troop 123 family. 

 Troop 123 takes pride in the fact that we are a boy run organization. We believe that the greatest growth and experience comes with opportunities for leadership and responsibility. Boy leaders plan, execute, and evaluate the troop program, guided by our BSA-trained adult leaders. The result has been a consistently high-quality program. Troop 123 Scouts have earned Boy Scout’s most significant honor, the Eagle award, at eight times the national average.

 Troop 123's program goal is to provide an opportunity for rank advancement and personal growth for every boy who becomes a member of Troop 123. We are an active participant in the Boy Scout camping program and plan 12 outings per year and follow the national program to include the official uniform.

 We hope that you decide to join us for the fun, excitement and learning experiences. Remember that Scouting is much more than just a wholesome and enjoyable activity. Active Scouts develop initiative, leadership, self-reliance, and self- confidence. Scouting helps boys become good citizens with strong character, who will become leaders and achievers in the adult world.

If you are interested in visiting Troop 123 please contact one of our leaders listed under the contacts tab on this website. We recommend that you contact us in advance for meeting reservations so we can personalize your Troop 123 visit and ensure that the appropriate leaders are available during your visit to answer all your questions.

We look forward to meeting with you and your family to assist with your planning  on your Trail to Eagle!

Kind Regards

The Troop 123 Family

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