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What are Den Meetings?

You already know that Cub Scouts get together as Dens but what do they do at these meetings?

    Den Meetings focus on completing requirements for the Scouts to earn badges. Each group of requirements is called an "Adventure" and is organized around a theme such as First Aid, Citizenship, or Outdoor Cooking. At the end of each Adventure the Scout earns the corresponding belt loop or pin to show their progress towards their next rank. Completing Adventures and earning Ranks is not required but it can be a lot of fun. Most Scouts enjoy the recognition from their family, leaders, and peers when Awards are given out at Pack Nights.

    To make sure that Scouts stay interested, the requirements for each adventure are not just the memorization of facts. Scouts earn awards by doing age appropriate task and having fun. Quite often a game is played to demonstrate a skill such as a knot tying relay race. Sometimes we play games just for the fun of it!