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History of Troop 159

      On March 2, 1923 the Boy Scouts of America granted a charter to Warrensville M. E. Church on Warrensville Center Road in Cleveland, Ohio to become the sponsoring institution of a Boy Scout Troop to be organized and known as Troop 159.

   Subsequently, after the abondment of this group, a new charter for Troop 159 was granted on April 1, 1926 to a new sponsor known as the North East Branch of the Y.M.C.A at 855 East 152 Street, Cleveland, Ohio. This Troop remained in existence until April 2, 1928, the expiration date of the charter.

   Then on March 3, 1920 the North Congregational Church on East 72nd and St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio became the new sponsor of Troop 159 and accordingly was issued a charter by the Boy Scouts of America at that time.

   This Troop was short lived because on February 29, 1932 a charter was granted to a new sponsoring institution, St. Michael Catholic Church on Scranton Road at Clark Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Troop 159 then enjoyed much success for the next six years through April 1937, the last charter issued to St. Michael Church.

   Ridgewood M.E. Church at Southington and Ridge Road in Parma, Ohio succeeded St. Michaels Church as the sponsor of Troop 159 on March 8, 1939 when the Boy Scouts of America issued a new charter. Like St. Michaels Church, this new sponsor flourished for the next five years and disbanded in 1944 due to lack of manpower which was caused by World War II.

   Troop 159 remained dormant for the remainder of the war years and for six years until November 16, 1950 when a charter was given to the Holy Name Society of St. Raphael Catholic Church, 525 Dover Center Road, Bay Village, Ohio. This Troop flourished for a time until the charter expired in February 1954.

   A reorganization took place in late 1956 and on December 6, 1956 St. Raphael’s again applied to the Boy Scouts of America for a new charter which was granted in February 1957 to Troop 159. This new Troop has remained viable all the years since and is thriving to this day and is proud to be a part of the Fiftieth Jubilee Celebration of St. Raphael Parish.

*Attached is a complete chronology of those involved in sponsoring Troop 159 from its beginning in 1923 through this year 1996.

* Troop History compliments of Robert J. Kaiser