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Clobber Your Leaders!


  • 2 to 4 Soft "Dodge Balls"
  • An open area, at least 20 feet across, preferably with a boundary on the ground for the Scout's circle. 

The Scouts form a large circle with the Leaders/Parents in the center of the circle. Scouts throw the balls at the Leaders until there's only one Leader/Parent left.

If a Leader/Parent is hit in a leg or arm thatappendage cannot be used for the rest of the game. If a Leader is hit in the head then that Leader regains the use of all previously lost appendages. Leaders may catch balls instead of dodging them, then throw them back.The last Leader/Parent standing wins.

T - shirt relay


  • Large t-shirts (one per group of Scouts)
  • Open area (a basketball court, half-court or open playground is great)

Divide the scouts in a line into groups of 2 or more.  Place one Scout from each group along a single side of the playing field.   Place the other Scouts in each group along the opposite side of the field.    At the start of the game first scout in each group puts on the t-shirt and runs across the field.  When they reach the lone Scout at the opposite end of the field, the running Scout removes the t-shirt and the lone Scout puts it on.  The Scout now wearing the shirt runs across the field where he exchanges shirts with the next member of his group.  The game continues until all Scouts have exchanged shirts at both ends of the field.   The first group to finish wins.

Capture the Flag, Pack 158 rules



To capture the flag from the opponent’s fort and return it to your home fort.


Materials needed,

You'll need two improvised flags and flagpoles. Face paint, Bandannas or fabric scraps to designate teams. Landscape tape to mark out the field. Two referees with loud whistles.


How to Play,

Players are divided into two teams. Each team has its own territory with a boundary designated between the two. Each team must designate one corner to serve as a jail and one corner to serve as the fort.

Each team’s flag should be placed in a corner of the field (the fort) with the jail in the other corner.  The flags should be placed out in the open by the Referee. Each team is allowed to guard their flag but not allowed to touch or move it. Once the flag is placed, team members are assigned to guard their own flag or to enter enemy territory to try to capture the other team’s flag. Any player in enemy territory can be tagged and put in jail.


Capturing the flag,

A team wins the game by capturing the other team’s flag and bringing it back to their home territory. If a defender touches the player stealing the flag with both hands before it makes it to the opponent’s fort then the flag is returned to its home fort and the game resumes.If a game must be ended before a flag is captured, the team with the most prisoners wins.



Any player touched or tagged in the opponents’ territory must go to jail. The player that tags another player must loudly call out “CAPTURED”. Players can be freed from jail by being tagged by an uncaptured player from their side. Prisoners may hold hands to form a chain while in jail. If a player frees a prisoner in a chain then all players in that chain are freed as well. This is called a jail break. Any player refusing to go to jail after being tagged will sit out one round. Any player escaping from jail without being tagged will sit out one round. This rule will not be enforced if there is no one guarding the jail. If a player is freed from jail then that player must travel to the neutral zone before they can attempt to capture the flag again. 



Ensure fair play. At the referees discretion a player can be sent to jail or asked to sit out a round for any un-sportsman like behavior. The referee is only to blow the whistle to start, freeze or end the game. The game can be frozen to place the flag back or injury time out. If the game is frozen then no player may advance on the opponents territory or be tagged. The ref should blow the whistle and yell out “FREEZE”.


A great way to end a den meeting and a long time favorite!

Any soft ball (that won't hurt when it hits someone).

  • Every scout is assigned a number starting with "1".
  • Players form a close circle. 
  • One Scout stands in the center of the circle with the ball.
  • The Scout in the center throws the ball straight up as high as they can and yells out a number from the numbers assigned to the players.
  • Everyone (including the Scout who was in the center) scatters, except the scout whose number was called.
  • The Scout whose number was called catches (if possible) or picks up the ball as quickly as possible.  As soon as he has the ball, the Scout yells "SPUD".  
  • Everyone must freeze in place when the Scout has the ball and yells "SPUD"!
  • The scout who has the ball can then take up to 4 giant steps, calling out the letters in SPUD as they step
    S-P-U-D towards any scout he wants. He then throws the ball at the scout. The target scout can move all parts of his body to dodge the throw - except his feet.
    If the scout is hit, he gets S otherwise the thrower gets S.
    Everyone gets back in a circle and whichever scout received a letter gets to throw the ball up for the next round.
    When a scout reaches S-P-U-D, he is out of the game. Or, after a set time, the person with the least letters is the winner.