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Who doesn't enjoy being recognized for a job well done?  

Cub Scouts earn various achievement awards, such as beads, belt loops, and pins, throughout the year.  Each requirement they complete takes them a step closer to earning their next rank badge (listed below).  Many of the activities are completed during pack and den meetings, but the fun doesn't have to stop there.  There are plenty of other activities and awards for the boys to earn if you choose to complete them.  

 a new Cub Scout program for boys age 5 or in Kindergarten and their adult partners. The program is focused on parent involvement and delivery with support from the Cub Scout pack using literature specifically designed for the younger age group.  Each month’s curriculum includes Family/Den Activities, At-Home Activities and Grand Adventures. 

Bobcat, the first rank, is for all boys who join Cub Scouting.  To earn the Bobcat badge, a Cub Scout must learn the Cub Scout motto, promise, handshake, salute, and sign. This is typically a very short held rank before moving on to Wolves.

are first graders (or age 7) and an adult family member. Tiger Cubs members take turns planning and hosting den gatherings, selecting projects from a broad range of suggested activities.    You and your son will both learn as you go!

Wolves is the program for boys who have completed first grade (or are age 8).  To earn the Wolf badge, a boy must pass twelve achievements involving simple physical and mental skills.  Most, if not all will be presented in Den meetings and pack meetings.

Bears program is for boys who have completed second grade (or are age 9). There are twenty-four Bear achievements in four different categories.  The Cub Scout must complete twelve of these to earn the Bear badge.  These requirements are somewhat more difficult and challenging than those for Wolf rank. They are also addressed in den and pack meetings.


Webelos is the first step in a Scout's transition from a Cub Scout Pack to a Boy Scout Troop.  It is for boys who have completed third grade (or are age 10).  As he completes the requirements found in the Webelos Scout Book, he will work on activity badges and become familiar with the Boy Scout requirements - all leading to the Arrow of Light Award.

Arrow of Light is the is the highest award in Cub Scouts. It is for boys that have completed the fourth grade. It prepares the scout for entry into a scouts BSA troop.