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Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it.

Alphabetical Knots List

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Complete List in Alphabetical Order

Note: There are 324 knots listed below. However, the real total is less because some knots are known by several names.

Albright Knot
Alpine Butterfly Bend
Alpine Butterfly Loop
Anchor Hitch
Angler's Loop
Arbor Knot
Ashley Bend
Ashley Stopper Knot
Australian Braid
Awning Hitch
Back Splice
Barrel Hitch
Basket Hitch
Becket Hitch
Beer Knot
Bellringer's Knot
Bimini Twist
Blake's Hitch
Blood Knot
Bow Tie
Bowline, Double
Bowline on a Bight
Bowline - One Handed
Bowline, Running
Bowline, Water
Braid Single Rope
Brummel Demo
Brummel, McDonald Method
Brummel Splice
Bunny Ears
Buntline Hitch
Butcher's Knot
Butterfly Coil
Care and Cleaning
Carrick Bend
Carrick Bend Mat
Celtic Knot
Chain Sinnet (Stitch)
Chain Splice
Child's Swing
Cleat Hitch (Deck)
Cleat Hitch (Halyard)
Climbing Net
Clinch Knot (Improved)
Clothesline Hitch
Clove Hitch using Loops
Clove Hitch using End
Clove Hitch using Half Hitches
Cobra Lanyard Knot
Coil Attached Rope
Coil, Butterfly
Coil, Figure 8
Coil, Mountaineer's
Coil Unattached Rope
Common Whipping
Constrictor by Twisting
Constrictor Using End
Constrictor by Folding
Constrictor Surg. Around Forceps
Constrictor Surg. Instrument
Constrictor Surg. Retrieve
Constrictor Surg. Slide Down
Constrictor Whipping
Corned Beef Knot
Cow Hitch Using End
Cow Hitch Using Loops
Crown Sinnet
Curtain Tie Back
D-Loop (Archery)
Daisy Chain
Davy Knot
Diagonal Lashing
Diamond Knot
Directional Figure 8 Loop
Distel Hitch
Double Alpine Butterfly
Drapery Tie Back
Double Bowline
Double Davy Knot
Double Fisherman's
Double Matthew Walker
Double Overhand Noose
Double Overhand Stopper
Double Sheet Bend
Double Throw Knot
Dropper Loop
Duncan (Uni) Knot
Egg Loop Knot
Electrician's Knot
Emergency Harness
Eskimo Bowline
EStar Hitch
EStar Stopper
Euro-Death Knot
Evenk Hitch
Eye Splice
Fiador Knot
Fieggen Shoelace Knot
Figure 8
Figure 8 Coil
Figure 8 Follow Through Loop
Figure 8 Loop
Figure 8 Loop, Directional
Figure 8 Double Loop Knot

Figure 8 Bend (Rope Join)
Figure 8 Flake, (Non Tangle)
Figure 9 Loop
Fisherman's Hitch
Flat Overhand Bend
Flemish Bend (Rope Join)
Flemish Flake (Spiral Coil)
Flemish Knot
Four-in-Hand Tie
French Prusik
Friendship Knot, Diamond
Gasket Coil
Girth (Strap) Hitch
Gnat Hitch
Granny Knot
Grinner Knot
Grog's Sliding Splice
Grog Sling
Half Hitch
Half Knot
Half Windsor Tie
Halter Hitch
Halyard Hitch
Handcuff Knot
Harvester's Hitch
Haymaker's Hitch
Hasty Webbing Harness
Heaving Line Knot
Highwayman's Hitch
Howard Constrictor
Hunter's Bend
Icicle Hitch Using Loop
Icicle Hitch Using End
Improved Clinch
Inline Figure 8 Loop
Italian Hitch
Lanyard (Cow) Hitch
Lanyard Knot, Cobra
Lanyard Knot, Diamond
Lark's Head
Lashing, Diagonal
Lashing, Round
Lashing, Shear
Lashing, Square
Lashing, Tripod
Left Handed Bowline
Ligature (Instrument)
Ligature (One Hand)
Ligature (Two Hand)
Lighterman's Hitch
Lineman's Loop
Lock for Shoelace Knot
Long Bury Splice
Loop to Loop Join
Lorry Knot
Long Splice
Machard Tresse
Magnus Hitch
Manrope Knot
Marlinspike Hitch
Masthead Knot Mat
Matthew Walker (Double)
McDonald Brummel Splice
Midshipman's Hitch
Monkey Braid
Monkey's Fist
Mono Knot, Non-Slip
Mooring Hitch
Mooring Line Stopper
Mountaineer's Coil
Munter Hitch
Munter Mule Combination
Munter, Super
Nail Knot
Necktie, Bow Tie
Necktie, Four-in-Hand
Necktie, Half Windsor
Necktie, Pratt (Shelby)
Necktie, Windsor
Net Making
Non-Slip Mono
Noose Knot
Ocean Plait Mat
One Handed Bowline
One Handed Ligature
One Handed Surgical Tie
Orvis Knot
Overhand Bend, Flat
Overhand Knot
Oysterman's Stopper Knot
Palomar Knot
Package, Tying a
Packer's Knot
Parcel Knots
Perfection Loop
Pile Hitch
Poacher's Knot
Portuguese Sinnet
Power Cinch Knot
Pratt Tie
Prusik Knot
Prusik Loop
Purcell Prusik Loop
Quick Hitch
Quick Release Hitch

Rapala Knot
Rat-Tail Stopper
Reef Knot
Reverse Clinch Knot
Ring Bend
Rolling Hitch
Rope Care and Cleaning
Rope Ladder
Rope Sling
Round Lashing
Round Turn 2 Half Hitches
Running Bowline
Safety Belt Hitch
Safety Knot
Sailmaker's Whipping
Sailor's Whipping
San Diego Jam Knot
Scaffold Knot
Shear Lashing
Sheet Bend
Shelby Tie
Shoelace Bow
Shoelace, Feiggen
Short Splice
Siberian Hitch
Sinnet, Chain
Sinnet, Crown
Sliding Double Fisherman's
Sliding Splice, Grog's
Slip Knot
Snell Knot
Solomon Bar
Spanish Bowline
Slim Beauty
Soft Shackle
Soft Shackle Edwards
Splice, Back
Splice, Brummel
Splice – Brummel Demo
Splice – McDonald Brummel
Splice, Chain
Splice, Eye
Splice, Long Bury
Splice, Short
Splice, Sliding
Square (Reef) Knot
Square Lashing
Stevedore Stopper
Stopper Knot, Double Overhand
Strangle Snare
Strangle Knot (End)
Strangle Knot (Loop)
Strap Hitch
Super Munter
Surgical Constr Around Forceps
Surgical Constr Instrument
Surgical Constr Retrieve
Surgical Constr Slide Down
Surgical Tie Instrument
Surgical Tie One Hand
Surgical Tie Slip Knot
Surgical Tie Two Hand
Surgeon's Knot (Fishing)
Surgeon's Loop (Fishing)
Surgical Knot (Medical)
Swing, Child's
Taut Line Hitch
Tensionless Hitch
Theodore Knot
Thief Knot
Tie, Bow
Tie, Four-in-Hand
Tie, Half Windsor
Tie, Pratt
Tie, Shelby
Tie, Windsor
Timber Hitch
Trilene Knot
Triple Fisherman's
Triple Sliding Hitch
Tripod Lashing
Trucker's Hitch
Trucker's Quick Method
Tugboat Hitch
Tumble Hitch
Turk's Head
Two Half Hitches
Two Handed Surgical Tie
Two Handed Ligature
Tying a Package
Underwriter's Knot
Uni Knot
Wagoner's Hitch
Wall Knot
Wall and Crown
Water Bowline
Water Knot
Weaver's Knot
Webbing Harness
West Country Whipping
Whipping, Constrictor
Whipping, Sailmaker's
Whipping, Sailor's
Windsor Tie
Yosemite Tie Off
Zeppelin Bend

Disclaimer: Any activity that involves ropes is potentially hazardous. Lives may be at risk - possibly your own. Considerable attention and effort have been made to ensure that these descriptions are accurate. However, many critical factors cannot be controlled, including: the choice of materials; the age, size, and condition of ropes; and the accuracy with which these descriptions have been followed. No responsibility is accepted for incidents arising from the use of this material.

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